French lessons in Lyon and on the Internet (since 2016).

Nationsorg training organization registered under the number 84691452869

(This registration not equivalent to state approval), DATADOCK.

Study form:
-In a group (4-6 people)

Place of study:
- at the training center in Lyon 7th (69007)
-At home (at home, in the organization, etc.)
-On the Internet

Method of training:
-The innovative audio / video method
-Free level test
-Free digital learning catalog
-Free online support for the entire study period
-Classes: twice a week for 2 hours or according to your schedule

Our advantages:
-Accessible rates
-Progressive teaching methods
-Various levels of the Standard program
-The possibility of the Intensive courses (5 times a week)
-Level certificate
-French certified teachers
-Possibility of financing studies via Pôle-Emploi (with additional remuneration) and FONGECIF (CPF)
-Small groups of 4-6 people
-Monthly payment
-Individual approach
-During home lessons, 50% of the amount is reimbursed by the Tax Credit

Duration of the course:
-Module 1: 60 hours (about 4 months) + Module 2: 60 hours (about 4 months)

The rates:
-In a group (from 4 people):
6 € / 1 hour
20 € / 1 hour

The payment:
-First 10 hours
-Further completely for the course
-Payment is made over the Internet (via the payment terminal)

Course registration is available for Nationsorg members (€ 5 / year).

Choose a level, register, take a free test and start lessons!

Facebook groups:
FLE - Français Langue Étrangère (Nationsorg) - (Français en Français / French in French)

FFA - French for ALL (Nationsorg) - (Français en Anglais / French in English)