DEMO ! This project is in the development stage !

This URGENT project is created to gather the maximum information about the Armenians soldiers, captured or missing.

All the information will be transferred to the appropriate international organizations (Red Cross, United Nations, Deputies,Human Rights, Governments, the petitions creations etc.) to find the and free the captured soldiers.

Activists calling for the release of 110 Armenian POWs held captive by Azerbaijan - https://www.facebook.com/araksya.karapetyan/videos/activists-calling-for-the-release-of-110-armenian-pows-held-captive-by-azerbaija/1788482004636740/

We will try to inform about every news here and in our international Armenian group:

We are not responsible for the information, provided in this project as it's being taken from the open resources.

The information we might need (maximum you can provide):

Soldier’ Photo
Soldier’ Name
Soldier’ Surname
Soldier’ Middle name
Soldier’ Date of Birth
Soldier’ City of Birth

Soldier’ Relative’ Name/Surname
Soldier’ Relative’ phone number (in
the international format, ex.: +374105555xx)

Additional information
NEWS on the case (date/info)

If you want to be notified on the case:
Your Name / Surname
Your email

Our contacts are:
Nationsorg Association
Lyon, France