FLE - Français Langue Étrangère
ONLINE (on the Internet) and OFFLINE
Levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Group lessons (4-6 students) and individual.
Beginning of the courses: as soon as the group is recruited (all year round).

The Nationsorg Language Center is open daily (24 hours a day).
Language courses are organized for Nationsorg members.
You can become a member of the association by registering for language courses.
Membership fee € 5 per year.

Facebook groups:
FLE - Français Langue Étrangère(Nationsorg)

(Français en Français / French in French).

FFA - French for ALL (Nationsorg)

(Français en Anglais / French in English).

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Annual fee is 5 €.